Essay on College Is The Best Time Of Life

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During the first year of college, there are lots of changes happening. The amount of freedom one gets in such a short amount of time can be a gateway to adulthood or failure if used the wrong way. There are multifarious ways a student can fall off track and lose the pathway to success. College can be the best time of someones life but that does not mean that it should be taken as a joke. Ultimately, you go to college for an education and should strive for success. There are four powerful principles to be followed for college success and if the criteria is met, then one shall see nothing but success in their college career. The first principle is active involvement or engagement. In order to succeed, one needs to be an active member in their college life. The amount of time that is put into one’s work not just in the class but outside the class as well can make all the difference. Attending every class is the most dominant factor in active involvement, followed by the time you put in after class is over. Studies have shown that students who attend every class do significantly better than those who decide to skip class. College is much different than high school; one spends much less time in the class room, but is expected to spend much more time on working on courses at home. The amount of effort and energy put in to the learning process will determine the amount of success. Being involved consists of attendance, dedication, and effort. A strategy to follow the principle of…

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