College Is The Beginning Of A Young Adult 's Life Essay

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College is the beginning of a young adult’s life. It is the first time most adolescents are away from home and are learning to be independent from their parents. Selecting a college is a very important decision, often based on academic programs, athletic programs, or location. What most of the students applying to the University of Tennessee do not realize is that the school has a very rich history in paranormal activity. A myriad of ghosts reportedly haunt various buildings across the University of Tennessee campus. A few of the UT ghosts include misplaced soldiers, Native American’s, two suicidal students, Fanny, Evening Primrose, and Sophie the stern dorm mother.
The land that the University of Tennessee was built on came equipped with its very own lost souls. It is speculated that Reese Hall was built on a Native American burial ground. The Native American ghosts have been observed roaming around Reese Hall and occasionally they are heard chanting. Furthermore, the graves of several soldiers were uncovered in 1900 and relocated to the National Cemetery. The graves were found when the foundation for Blount Hall was being excavated. After the relocation of the graves, the souls of eight Union soldiers were left behind. The soldiers are often seen aimlessly drifting around the campus together. However, every year on November 29th, the eight soldiers prepare for the Battle of Knoxville. Many people believe that those Union soldiers are still faithfully battling for the…

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