College Is Not Right For Every Person Essay

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College Is Not Right For Every Person Society says we all need to go to college in order to attain a good job. The common belief seems to be if students do not attend college they will most likely lead a miserable life as a fast food worker and will be inferior to those who receive a higher education. Those beliefs simply aren 't true in every case and most certainly aren 't true in regard to the value of an individual 's worth. We are all equal in God 's eyes no matter what we do. He loves each one of us and has a different plan for each person 's life. Some people may love to work in the fast food industry and we need workers to keep those businesses running, so how does that make those workers any less of a person than anyone else? We need all types of jobs and thankfully there are all different types of people. College is great for many individuals, but attending college is not necessarily the right choice for everyone. There are several potential benefits from attending college. In the article "The Privileges of The Parents" Margaret A. Miller says, "A college education has benefits that ripple down through the generations." She then goes on to talk about how children with parents who attended college make better grades and are more likely to go to college than children of parents who did not go to college. Miller Also says that Parents with a college degree are better equipped to help their children succeed (675). I believe part of these…

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