College Is Not For College Essay

1391 Words Dec 5th, 2016 6 Pages
College Can Be Overwhelming College is not meant to be attended by everyone, some people are not built to handle college curriculum. People that have not attended college will try to make it sound easy and in reality, being good at managing your time and having the ability to comprehend the information they would encounter would be highly beneficial. Would taking advice from these uninformed people help? No, going into college thinking it is going to be easy is a massive disadvantage for tackling college life. Once the realization kicks in that college life is rough it will cause stress. The classes taken can also determine how much work will be given out and also give a outcome of whether passing will be an opinion. Other people just simply can find a job that doesn’t require any college experience or diplomas of any sort to make over $30,000 a year. Sometimes it just takes the right person to handle whatever is given to them and make a decent living out of it. Individuals would argue that people who attended a four-year college would make more money annually after receiving their degree and starting work compared to the average high school graduate that worked an average paying job. But, not everyone has the right financial and mental setup to accomplish these college struggles and if they know they are not in the right position to attend college they will not bother trying. There are many examples of how this could affect someone that was not up to par with intelligent…

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