College Is Not An Education Essay

772 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 4 Pages
Imagine leaving high school without any plans for the future. Would it be worth going to college, or would college be discouraging? Growing up as a child most parents ask their child what they want to become when they grow up. Some may say a nurse, a doctor, or a veterinarian, but the answer is still unknown. Students will not know what they would like to major in until they actually go to college, and start taking classes. Although, college is expensive, it is worth the investment because, it gives students the opportunity to obtain an education, to prepare for a career, and to manage one’s finances.
The most important benefit of going to college is gaining an education even though, the college may take a long time to complete. This will require the student to gain general knowledge about what they want to major in while in school. By learning new material for a student, this will make the student apply more skills, and possibly gain updated information since the last time they were actually in school. Therefore, students will have the ability to think critically about decisions that they may be going through involved with the school. Problems may come along so that will be less of a problem because, the student has already been taught to think in tough situations. While being in college, it allows an opportunity, for the student to learn more about their career. That is being planned while studying for the particular major that the student may want to pursue. Allows…

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