College Is Not A Waste Of Time And Money Essay

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College is Not a Waste

In the essay, “College is a Waste of Time and Money,” author, Caroline Bird states how college is not a good option for people. Bird says students are not being prepared for their jobs, aren 't guaranteed a better salary after college, and many more reasons why college isn 't important. Not everyone belongs in college, I agree, but it does have its benefits. I believe college is absolutely not a waste of money and time. It is expensive, but it returns so much more after it. It 's a great place to gain more than just knowledge. College can help you earn more money, land a job faster, and help find a job you enjoy. Since I was a young girl, all I heard was friends and family say, “go to college, you 'll have more money than those that don 't.” This is partially still true, education does earn most students more money. Some jobs nowadays will increase the salary of their employees just for getting get their bachelors or masters degree. A friend of mine worked for apple, and as soon as she earned her bachelors and showed them her diploma, they increased her salary for it. Earning a degree means you are more experienced in your job and shows that you are a hard worker. It shows you 're a hard worker because earning a degree takes a lot of time and studying. Which perhaps makes the employer want to compensate employees for it. However there is also people that do not go to college and…

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