Essay on College Is Not A Commodity

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How finances relate to how much of an education someone can actually obtain.

The article “College is not a commodity. Stop treating it like one.”[1] talks about how a person cannot buy an education as if they would buy a car or a house, which causes me to ask, how much of an education can someone actually receive, from a financial standpoint. From kindergarten to the graduation of high school might seem free, but in reality it isn 't, colleges just don 't bother hiding it. A majority of the people in the U.S do not possess higher educational degrees. I contest why a majority people lack degrees is the cause of, not an educational problem but, a financial one. Banks offer student loans that, consequently, are extremely expensive, there aren 't enough scholarships being taken advantage of and the U.S government hasn 't been able to make any type of education entirely free. Financially speaking, getting a degree for a great deal of people is a snowball 's chance in hell, some might say you can 't buy an education, but I say you can 't obtain an education without buying it.

When people attend elementary school, middle school or high school, they assume that the education they are receiving is free. That is not entirely true, when somebody attends school they will need funds for lunch money, school supplies, fees for extracurricular activities (though unnecessary, it helps compose a college application that looks presentable), paper, blank books, actual course books, etc.),…

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