College : Is It Getting For Be Too Expensive? Essay examples

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College: Is it Getting to be too Expensive? In a recent college budget study, the average annual estimate of income was found to be $22, 261. On the other hand, to attend a private school, the price to pay was $43,289 for one year (Joseph). Colleges around the United States seem to be getting more and more expensive for the average student. Colleges should become less expensive because debt after college is a hard obstacle to overcome. Now, most people would agree that colleges are exploding in terms of prices, but there are some people who think the price college students are actually paying is relatively low. Most people know the difficulty of paying their debt off whether it is college related or not. A big reason to why colleges around the United States should become less expensive is because a student building up debt from their tuition causes overwhelming stress. This stress could easily affect the way the student performs in the classroom. Also, the stress could be a huge distraction to the student’s grades and ultimately cause the student to do poorly in college. Everyone knows how important it is to do well in college, so for the stress to cause many problems is extremely unfortunate. “32 percent of students reported neglecting their studies at least sometimes because of the money they owed”. (Grabmeier) This particular quote should be the reason alone to initiate a lower price because college is indeed getting to be too expensive. I feel like college kids have…

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