College Is Becoming A Successful Adult Essay

1159 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
Today college is known as the gateway to becoming a successful adult. It is without a doubt very challenging, which brings us students’ immense pressure. It is not an easy experience for even some of the most intelligent people. This has been recognized in history with people such as Albert Einstein, who in 1885, failed his first entrance exam in college. Why did one of the most respected physicians in history not prosper in college? Clearly Einstein had the intelligence. However, there are so many other factors to success in college. Many people would argue that the other biggest factor is the pressure that accompanies it. Among the different types, economic and parental pressure has been found to have the most significant impact. Everyone wants to be successful and to live a well-balanced life, and today college is looked at as an obligation for a good job; and this brings on a burden of economic pressure. Students face some of the hardest times of their lives in college, from deciding from a major that is more likely to pay well, or a major that is more suited for them to do what they want. They begin to weigh out their whole future on how well they perform in college. Today it is becoming harder and harder for college students to find good jobs right out of college. In A lot cases, students rack up enormous loans, making it harder for them to come out of college and move forward. Zinsser, who taught English at Yale, explains this very well in his book College Pressures…

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