College Is A Waste Of Time And Money Essay

1091 Words Apr 5th, 2016 null Page
If you have an option, would you invest all the money that is put towards education or would you rather have a college degree with an enormous student loan debt? Do you think what you learn while attending college is going to help you have a certain skill that will be used often in your future career? In today’s society with the economic status being in a recession, companies will not hire someone who is not beneficial for their corporation. The companies base their hiring criteria on people’s background education and work experience. Yet, there are people whom have never set foot in a college and are doing better than people who have their master’s degree. There are views from both sides that contains valid arguments. In the article “College is a Waste of Time and Money” by Caroline Bird, she strictly discusses why college is a waste of time and money and how it is not the best thing to do. Moreover, in the article “Blue-Collar Brilliance”, Mike Rose argues how intelligence does not connect with a higher education. He refuses the notion that blue-collar workers are less intelligent than white-collar workers who have received a higher education. I admit that Bird’s assertion that college is a waste of time and money is true that students invest an enormous amount of time and money without a guarantee of a return, even carrying a huge student loan debts after graduation. Therefore, I strongly agree with Bird’s assertion that college is a waste of both time and money.…

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