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College Mindset: My Budding Transition from Fixed to Growth
Going to college can be a culture shock. There are so many new situations to deal with and phases to adapt to. Between choosing the right classes, navigating through lectures and acing all classes, there are plenty rooms for errors. Going through all of this and adapting to a new environment is tough but having a solid standpoint on how you view learning either a fixed or growth mindset will benefit you to reaching your goals in college like how it helped me during this phase of my educational journey. Through my overwhelming experience from high school to college, transitioning from fixed to growth mindset had greatly impacted my view on learning and academic performance through developing
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College, like youth, is often wasted on the young. Families sometimes shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars with no real sense of the return on the investment. Today’s job market is extremely competitive so it’s wise for students to take advantage of the resources and opportunities that are available to them in college. Setting themselves into a solid mindset on learning is a great start in college. Having a fixed college mindset would drastically hinder you from succeeding in the endeavor that you plan on pursuing. During the first week of college, I pretty much dialed into channeling a growth mindset towards learning. Compared to high school, having a growth mindset in college influences your emotional maturity. Meeting the challenges of tomorrow and the desire and thirst for knowledge is a key part of my personal growth. Knowing the way the things are done can be improved, I tend to willingly seek alternative views. I don’t feel threatened when people disagree and if I feel that their way is better, I gladly run it. In addition, changing to a growth mindset increased my self-belief and realistic optimism. I now have an optimistic disposition whereby I believe I can cope with whatever life throws at me and that there are opportunities out for me that are waiting to be sought. Upon meeting setbacks, I am much more resilient to tackle any challenges that would come my way. If I believe that a particular course of …show more content…
Although high school students in a fixed mindset can get away from the actual learning and entering the period of college, they don’t really get anything from the classes they’re taking. In college, technical knowledge is the first half of the process but the application of these hard skills constitutes the second half. In addition, one exciting part about college is distinguishing the geniuses and the talented peers from the people who worked hard and practiced developing their skills. Getting good marks is one thing but acquiring hard and soft skills and refining and improving your actual being through growth mindset leads you to success.
In her article, “Fixed Versus Growth Mindset”, psychologist, Carol Dweck explained through her study that students under the fixed mindset responding ”Tell me if I’m right” have a strong state attention away from learning. However students in a growth mindset responding “where I’m wrong because I want to learn” have a strong state attention towards learning, Dweck says. The results concluded that students in a fixed mindset tend to choose to be non-learners and students under growth mindsets have more capacity for learning and skill

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