College Graduates And Unemployment After College Essay

1943 Words Mar 22nd, 2016 8 Pages
College Graduates and Unemployment Imagine a student going to high school for 4 years and then applying to colleges and stressing out about the cost of college. Then the student struggles in college to reach the goal of being able to get a real job that will provide for a future family. The student graduates from college, but when they search for a job, the student cannot find one. All of the money paid into college went to waste if the student cannot find a job in the student’s desired field. College graduates tend to apply to remedial jobs after college, because jobs in desired fields are scarce. Finding a job is a difficult task for college graduates. Some job fields have a minimal amount of openings, and if there are openings, the people looking for the job would have to relocate. A major problem in Southern Ohio is the difficulty to find and obtain a job in a desired field after a student graduates from college, and it is important to find a resolution to fix the problem and allow recent college graduates to find a job without having to relocate. This essay discusses how recent college graduates have difficulties finding a job in their preferred area of study. According to the article, “Are Recent College Students Finding Good Jobs”, college graduates are increasingly accepting low-wage jobs or working part-time. Therefore, the quality of jobs held by the underemployed has declined (Abel, Deitz, Su). Also, the article states that unemployment in recent graduates have…

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