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Imagine waking up at five o’clock every morning to drive from one city to another. Dealing with the morning traffic just to be on time for that 8:00 a.m. class. Many college students choose to commute however, it is just an inconvenience as it is far away from school. An alternative path other college students take is getting themselves an apartment of their own nearby campus. Getting an apartment enhances the college experience for many reasons.
The location of an on-campus apartment or an apartment that is near campus can save time. Scholars that commute to school waste countless of hours waiting in traffic to get to school. On the other hand, students that live in apartments near or on campus save precious time before class.
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A student can have incredibly strict parents in high school. Entering an environment where they can feast upon freedom will teach them how to manage themselves as opposed to relying on their parents. For example, growing up, my parents were always working due to their travel agent jobs. I was forced to grow up by myself and when it comes to making decisions, I would always think about the consequences while majority of my peers will just make decisions based on their own entertainment, without thinking of the outcome. Such as every time I get my paycheck, first thing I have to do is pay bills while my peers could go on a shopping spree. They can explore the campus, study whenever wherever and not have to worry about any outside interruptions, unless they are part of some club, Greek society, or on a school team. The freedom of a college student plays a big role in the college experience, that of which a commuting student may …show more content…
Getting an apartment can cost almost about a thousand dollars a month and living in an on-campus dorm can cost up to fifteen thousand a year. When with commuting one usually stays at home, staying at home can be rewarding. Every meal would be a home cooked meal. From the home-cooked meals to the comfort of being in a familiar space, it makes living in a very stressful point in one’s life a bit easier. While living at home, one will be in an environment that allows privacy. Dorms usually have communal showers which gives little to no privacy. Even with a student health center on campus, students that live in close proximity to each other are more likely to be sick with the flu or cold than someone who

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