College Essay On Strengths And Weaknesses

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Every person has strengths and weaknesses when it comes to writing papers and after writing multiple papers throughout my high school career, I’ve discovered I have more weaknesses than strengths. I believe that I noticed more weaknesses than strengths because it is easier for a person to point out the flaws in themselves rather than the positives. My greatest strengths are not procrastinating, staying focussed when writing and using a variety of vocabulary words. A few of my weaknesses are coming up with a topic, writing introductions and conclusions, knowing what tense to write in and using the correct grammar throughout my entire paper.
To start out, I’ll discuss my strengths. My main strength in writing papers is that I do not procrastinate. I try to complete my rough draft at least three or more days before the paper is due, so I’m sure that I have time to read through it multiple times and edit it. By reading through my papers, I find multiple things that needs to be changed or made better. I
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When I read articles that repeat a word many times, I get bored or annoyed, therefore, I try my hardest to not be that way. Staying focused in what I’m writing is another strength for me. Once I begin a paper, I am very good at focussing and staying in my little writing bubble until I’m at a good stopping point or finished with the paper.
Now time for the weaknesses. My biggest weakness in writing papers is coming up with a topic because I am so indecisive. I ponder on what to write about for way too long. I often think I have it figured out, but then I make up reasons why not to do it and try to find a new topic. Another struggle for me, is writing informative introductions and relevant conclusions. I am often challenged with where to start, how to have an intriguing introduction, or how to conclude my paper with a meaningful

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