College Essay : Deciding On College

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Deciding On College

Senior year came in like a wrecking ball. One minute it is freshman year not a care in the world, and then the next minute it is senior year where I have to make decisions that are going to affect the rest of my life. One of the biggest decisions that has to be made as a senior is where I am going to attend college. When deciding on a college there is multiple things to take into consideration. From the tuition, size, and location of the school to multiple other things. When it came to my turn to start looking at schools, I took a lot into consideration. The overall cost, campus life, and the locations of the schools. Luckily I was able to narrow it down to two schools: Creighton University and Iowa University. Both Creighton and Iowa are great schools, but I need to decide on just one. The first thing I took into consideration when comparing the two schools was the overall cost to attend. This includes tuition, housing, meal plans, and the scholarships offered to reduce the price. Iowa has a tuition of $8,104.00 a year for instate resistances. Housing and meals comes to an estimated total of $9,728.00 a year. With the consideration of other personal expenses, books, and transportation I can add on another $3,178.00. Bringing the total cost I would pay to attend Iowa roughly around $21,010 a year. Already knowing the scholarships I have am receiving from Iowa, I can boot off $2,000 a year, which helps a very small amount compared to the overall price…

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