College Essay : College Survival Guide

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College survival guide

In order to survive your first year of college, you must first remember these three rules. Number one, search for help if you see yourself struggling. Second, your education must always come first. Three, have fun but, not too much to the point you are neglecting your classes. If you follow these rules religiously you will have a successful first year of college experience. You may think that these four rules are somewhat reasonable, but when you step into the college life these rules become hard to follow. Coming out of high school you feel like the world revolves around you because you are graduating with honors and whatnot. In college everyone has their own individual strengths but sometimes their strengths are the same as others. What truly makes someone smart is not only knowing how to solve problems and thinking critically. It is also having the ability to know your academic hardships and doing what is necessary to adapt to them in order to reach your goal. You may find yourself struggling in a class you have trouble with and may think that you can do it all by yourself but, the best thing to do in these situations is to look for help through the opportunities provided in your campus. For example, I hate writing and reading with a passion. In order to overcome this limitation, I started to attend the writing center provided on campus. In the end you are paying for these resources to be available through tuition, therefore it does not hurt…

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