College Essay : College Nightmare

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College Nightmare
In life, people come across challenging obstacles when trying to achieve their goals. College, like life, has a variety of challenges that appear in students’ pathways to their goals. For most college students that are just starting out in the basic classes, such as English 101, problems can arise due to classes being much harder than the prior high school classes the students are used to. Mrs. Fox-Angerer’s class is hard because it has an online portion, it creates stress, and it is a required class.
Mrs. Fox-Angerer’s English 101 class is difficult because it has an online portion. In Mrs. Fox-Angerer’s class students come for a lecture hour every Monday and Wednesday, and every Friday students’ must complete the online portion also known as the Hybrid Friday (Fox-Angerer 1). The Hybrid Friday is the part of the class that must be completed on the computer. This can cause students to encounter problems for many reasons. Some students may not know what an online portion is because they have never enrolled in classes that require it. Students may not be at the same level of experience with technology as others. They all come from different backgrounds and some may have never found a need or want to learn about or work computers, smart phones, etc. When a student lacks this experience, he or she is more likely to face problems, such as forgetting to save a paper, in their attempt to complete the online portion. In modern times it is common knowledge that a…

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