College Entrance Exams Should Not Be Accepted Into The College Of One 's Choosing

1127 Words Apr 8th, 2016 null Page
College entrance exams have long since been a standard entailment in order to be accepted into the college of one’s choosing. Though they are expected among most colleges, these standardized tests are poorly justified and present a defective outcome of a student’s intuition. In general, colleges require students to complete the ACT and SAT, conveniently providing a neutral benchmark for all whom they might accept or decline into their school. However, these tests fail to accurately represent students’ intelligence and consequently provide an inadequate score not correlated with the student’s true capabilities. In order to benefit not only the students but also the colleges they apply for, college entrance exams need to be revoked. The ACT and SAT are one of the largest determining factors for students looking to further pursue their education. Colleges focus heavily on a student’s test score, usually resulting in better opportunities and scholarships the higher the score. These tests “measure your collective knowledge in various skill areas…[and] your potential to perform well in the future” (“Taking College Entrance Exams”). Because colleges typically receive applications from people all over the world, these college entrance scores provide an equal opportunity for students and “apply a common standard to everyone…[which] helps colleges evaluate and compare the preparation of students who go to different high school” (“The Real Role of Admission Tests in College…

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