College Education : Is Worth The Money Or Not? Essays

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College education has been a debatable topic, mostly about whether it is worth the money or not? Statistics say that, “In Apr. 2013 the unemployment rate for college graduates over 25 years old was 3.6% compared to 7.5% for high school graduates” ( Students who graduate college and earn a degree do not work in their major. College is really important, it helps students prepare of the workforce, and there are specific jobs that require a degree. College education presents more career opportunities for a non-employed person. Higher education should be implemented because it allows for the workforce to become more educated within a profession. College education provides useful for professional carriers but many view that cramming students with knowledge rather than teaching them life skills. Many view college education as a road leading to success, but there are many situations that a college graduate might face in the future such as not working in their field of study, facing student loan and debt, and underemployment. Most parents want their child to pursue a better education, “Half of our children need and want the type of education that leads them to higher education. Yet the other half are crammed into a career-learning path that just doesn 't work for them or society” (Friedman). College can become a difficult pathway for students who are not ready to make life choices in choosing a career, and finding a career that students are passionate about can be…

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