College Education Is Worth A Person 's Time And Money Essays

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There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs. (Thelin) The history of higher education in the United States begins with Harvard College founded in 1636, by vote of the Great and General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. It was named after the college’s first benefactor, the young minister John Harvard of Charleston. College education is not just high school continued, college opens doors that high school doesn 't. Primary and secondary school systems were not yet established, so “college students” were sometimes boys as young as fourteen and fifteen years old were admitted to receive preparatory education with the assumption that they would matriculate to college – level courses. The goal of the college was to produce Christian gentleman who would inherit the family business, remain within the congregation or ( Puritan ) faith, and be responsible leaders in the new world. Still today, college can change you and shape you in ways that you might not imagine. College education is worth a person 's time and money. Today 's society thinks of college as opening doors. But not until the debt closes those doors. Therefore, you can only go for jobs that will service the debt, which takes out the majority of the jobs you could be getting. Because, you won 't be able to earn enough money to pay back the loans. For example, you live in a city where there are other young individuals and you have and you have your own apartment and you have to pay back the dept.…

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