College Education Is Important For College Essay

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High Tuition Costs in Colleges In the past, college education was not important to get jobs, but now, college education is really important to get jobs. College education is important; since, employers are demanding employees with higher education to work in their place. But, tuition cost of the colleges is increasing every year. Therefore, tuition of college is so high and several students, who are not able to afford to pay for their tuition cost of college, even after scholarships, grants, financial aid, and etc. Consequently, they have to take out loans, which creates debt on students. Debt of graduating college student is high, and some students are really struggling to pay the loans back; since, they are not able to find the jobs of their intended career instantly after graduation. If tuition cost of colleges is lower. Then, higher rate of students will enter college; therefore, more people will get an education and improve our country. College tuition was increased extremely in the past and increasing now; therefore, it makes difficult for students to attend colleges. One of the biggest issues that college students are facing is that increase of tuition costs over a time period. For this reason, being a college student is extremely hard. CMU is one of the college that has higher tuition fees than other participating colleges. For example, “CMU’s tuition for 2012-13… was set at $365 per credit hour…, an increase of 1.96 percent from $358 per credit hour students paid…

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