College Education Is Important And Essential Part Of Our Lives

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Today university education plays a major part in our lives’, and our society. College degree is very important and essential part of our lives in order to become self-sufficient, educated, and successful individuals. College education provides individuals with more opportunities in this competitive world that we live in. The importance of college education is different for every individual. There are a few essential reasons why I have decided to continue my college education and obtain a degree in early childhood. I was educated in Europe where I have obtained bachelor degree in and teaching credentials. I have been an educator for more than 15 years. After my family and I relocated to San Diego I have decided to attend college and obtaining a bachelor degree in early childhood and teaching credentials which will provide more opportunities in education field, I will be able to continue a rewarding career in education, and finally college education will prepare me to become a knowledgeable, well informed and experienced educator that will provide foundations to young children to become successful young adults. Obtaining bachelor degree in early childhood education in the US will open the doors for me to continue career that I found the most rewarding profession now days. I have been exploring a few options to obtain teaching credentials in California; therefore the most appealing path is to go back to school to receive a college degree in early childhood education. After…

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