College Education Is A Waste Of Time And Money Essay

733 Words Nov 7th, 2015 3 Pages
With high unemployment rates and high tuition cost some believe a college education is a waste of time and money. However, a college degree is more than just an expensive piece of a paper; it’s an important building block to a successful future. A college degree will provide job security, knowledge, and an increase in job opportunities that will provide a higher income. Having a college degree will increase the chances of getting a job. A person with a degree has a higher chance of gaining employment over someone without a degree. Employers prefer to hire someone with a higher educational background because they are more of an asset to the company with their extensive knowledge. Today we also face high unemployment rates in the United States so it is important to have a college education. According to Rodney K. Smith, author of Yes, A College Education is Worth the Cost, “10.3% of those with a high school education are unemployed . . . [and] 5.4% with bachelor’s degrees are unemployed (29).” The unemployment rate for those without a college education is almost 50% higher than those with at least a bachelor’s degree (Smith 29). The higher the education one has the greater the chances one has of finding employment. The knowledge that is learned through a college education can be important in one’s everyday life, not just in their career. It can be perceived that a lot of college level classes are a waste of time. For example, why would someone need to take French,…

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