College Education Is A Big Decision Every High School Essay

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College education is a big decision every high school student has to make and it is a choice that affects the rest of their life. Depending on what a career path a person chooses to pursue a college education may be crucial to finding a good paying job. College Education is very valuable in the workforce today. A college education will allow a some to learn interpersonal skills, gain wisdom and knowledge, look at other possible career options, get better employment opportunities and on average make a greater salary.
Although some people think that a high school graduate can pick up interpersonal skills from going straight to the workforce, college teaches students important skills they will not learn otherwise. A college student will learn how to prioritize when they are in school. In college there are a million things to do, a student has to prioritize what is the most important and what can be done later (“Valuable Life Skills Learned”). In life people have to prioritize things all the time, college students will know how to be great at this because they will have been doing it for 4 years. Colleges realize that students need communication skills to get jobs. Many colleges offer classes about making small talk, coping with issues, punctuality, work etiquette and communication with co workers (“Colleges Step In”). What students do not understand is that the skills college can teach are going to follow them the rest of their life. These skills will allow a student…

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