College Education And Higher Education Essay

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College education, also known as higher education, is a course of studies that leads you to receive a degree, diploma, or certificate. In our society, college education leads to a higher salary and decreases the chance of being unemployed. Higher education doesn’t just lead us to a decent job but also leads us to individual growth. Even though college education benefits us in different ways, it puts a strain on us finically. The purpose of earning a higher education is to increase employment rates, to receive a better income than others, and can lead to better job opportunities; Although its tuition fee overwork our finical needs. As William J. Lowe explained in his article, Education Is worth the Investments, college graduates are “likely to be employed full-time” compared to less educated individuals “to be unemployed”. For instance, approximately 80% of companies are looking for people with a higher education. The reason why companies require a higher education is for the prosperity of the companies and higher educated employees have much more experience than non-educated employees. In the article How Much More Do College Graduates Earn Than Non-College Graduates?, the U.S. Department of Education Statistics analyze that students with a higher education “bring home an average of 66% more than those with only a high school diploma”. The reason why people with a higher education receive 66% more than a person with a high school diploma is because college graduates are…

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