Essay on College Dropout Causes And Its Effects

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College Dropout Causes
Since the 1980s, America has seen an increase in college enrollment and “According to the U.S. Department of Education, only 20 percent of young people who begin their higher education at two-year institutions graduate within three years” (DuPont 4). But each decade dropout rates have increased as well. More students are getting involved in obtaining their degree but just a part of those students that started going to college get to finish. This problem has become a national concern. Strategies and plans for helping students obtain their degree had been implanted. Different colleges and professors have done studies and surveys of students, in order to find out why they decide to leave college aside. There can be a variety of causes that lead a student to decide to leave college, some causes for dropping out of college include: financial problems, feeling that their career choice is wrong or starting an unplanned family.
College tends to be expensive; the first factor for a student to consider when trying getting a degree is being financially stable. According to studies “College costs have risen more than 400 percent in the last 25 years, while the median family income has increased less than 150 percent” (DuPont 11).The raise of college costs makes it difficult for a student to start a college career. Some students may end their college studies because the economic situation does not allow them to continue. In America, there are different kinds of…

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