College Dropout Case Study

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An individual’s grades are a reflection of the effort students dedicate to each class. There are three simple suggestions a college student needs to know to receive an A or a passing grade. The students can either decided to put in the time and work, or decided to fail. Most college students go to school to be successful. Also, students are not there to waste time or to let time waist them. These three simple suggestions are for students who are currently struggling to stay in school or get good grades. These suggestions impact the grades the student receives now, or what grade they receive in future classes. The students who decided to take a different direction in their schooling will have a greater benefit in their future.
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In addition, students who deiced to go the college route shall be able to balance their personal life and schooling. Statics have illustrated students who have a difficult time balance their personal and academic life are in grater chances of dropping out of school. College Dropout Statistics mentions, “Being unable to balance school, jobs and family is one of the top reasons for dropping out” (College Dropout Statistics). A good suggestion for students, who have struggled in the past or are currently struggling, may be to remain focused and not lose track on their academics. However, college takes a lot of time and patience. Students must take in consideration the first year may be the most difficult because of the new …show more content…
Moreover, students who are full time or part-time may consider studying on average, including studying outside school hours. Herzog mentions how, “Full-time college students study 15 hours a week on average” (Herzog). Full-time or part-time college students may take into consideration college classes are difficult and studying is required in order to receive a passible grade. Students who don’t study may cause their grade to deteriorate, and affect their GPA. Although, it is possible for the students to be study wrong, because there is no correct way of processing the material. Lauren Murphy notes, “33% of the students surveyed felt they didn’t really know how to sit down and study” (Murphy). Murphy generates a great point, many students graduate from high school without knowing the proper way to study. Furthermore, studying is an important habit to

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