Personal Responsibility In College

Many students begin their college life with hopes and dreams of earning a degree, transferring to university, and improving their state of affairs at home, at work or life in general. Often, students are faced with obstacles and challenges that can seem impossible to overcome after students begin their college experience. For some students, it just slows them down; for others, it can stop them from achieving those hopes and dreams. Because many students are distressed by time management, workload, major, and personal responsibility in college, they must make an effort to overcome them if they make their college life more meaningful.

Firstly, many students are troubled in time management. It is hard for freshman to manage time because scheduled
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Students have to plan intentionally, but some students lured away from their study. For example, when I was a freshman, I sometimes did not finish homework because I played a computer game. After I realized that, I tried to avoid the temptation to play a game. For example, I went to café to study not to yield to temptations like game, TV, and sleep. In addition, I always keep my room neat to concentrate my study without temptations. Thus, I become more able to resist temptations. Therefore, it leads to handle the academic workload to prevent succumbing to …show more content…
It means that everything you do is based on the choices you make. During the years we were young, it was easy to place blame on parents or others. There is no excuse for that in college. For instance, if you forget to register a class, you cannot spend campus life. Moreover, the professor may not remind you to complete and turn in your research paper on time. These examples show that students can take the liberty of action, but they always involve risks. It is crucial that students awake to their personal responsibilities to avoid risks and troubles. It helps to make the most of your college

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