I M Going To College Essay

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“What college are you attending this fall?” “Do you have an idea what you’re majoring in?” Questions that almost every senior in high school came across; by teachers, other students, and even their family members. As graduation gets closer that’s when it starts to all become real, I applied for COD and realized that this is when I need to find the path that will lead me to a career I will want to do for the rest of my life.
The reason I am going to college is to get the education and intelligence I will need to discover a career. Although there will be obstacles throughout the journey I know that in the end I will be proud of myself for achieving a goal that will benefit myself, my future family and also society.
I was determined to study business management until I met people who influenced me that no matter what field I go into and the career I decide to take, that company will coach me what I need to learn to succeed in that business or company. I then decided to change my major to communications to benefit me even more in my future. Although college is a place to figure myself out, to learn all that I’ll need to take on in the real world I believe that communications
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They felt as if college wasn’t as important as it is today. Growing up all throughout my life I heard the word college, “We’re saving up for your college tuition.” “I can’t wait to play ball in college!” it was something that I knew I was going to, at a young age. My parents explained to me that if I didn’t go to college the lifestyle I am living now will not exist in the future. Society is a huge part of why I am going to college because it’s awkward in my opinion to be asked “Where are you going to school?” and give an answer back of “Oh I’m not going.” I want to be another student to concur my goal and be thankful for the opportunity I have of

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