Essay about College Can Be For All

1560 Words May 24th, 2016 null Page
College can be for All FREE to all who apply. In the United States, college tuition and fees are on the rise and shows no sign of slowing down. Being predicted, in the coming years, many jobs will demand higher educated employees. At the current cost, the decision to attend university is being reconsidered. Many having to decide if the three choices of public help offered to students are enough to make college worth the debt. While other countries are finding ways to help students receive higher education at lower cost, the United States seems to be in a stalemate in the education department. Many groups think free tuition would be impossible, but it would be worth the effort to try and be able to help students free themselves from the overwhelming thought of paying for college. The United States was once a great nation with forward thinkers; it is time to return to that by making universities free for those willing to accept the challenge. When universities started to pop up in the United States in 1600’s, it was to offer a better education to those that could afford it. While scholarships were offered to help with the cost many people during 1600 to mid-1900 were lucky to finish high school. The need to cut out a living for yourself and your family was more important than getting an education. In 1930, College’s saw a jump in their attendance numbers and the signing of the GI bill by Franklin Roosevelt made people see the importance of a college education. In…

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