College Campuses And Sexual Allegations Essay example

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College Campuses and Sexual Allegations
The repercussions of how a college handles (or doesn’t handle) sexual assault cases can be long lasting after the legality of it all is over. The reputation of a college or university regarding reports of harassment can impact the environment as well as the future of the institution as a whole. Letting the accused remain on campus can dictate how fellow students approach interaction on campus as well as the mentality regarding sexual assault around the school. These angles of this pressing issue of sexual harassment in college influence the decision of removing an accused assailant of such a crime from the institution.
The federal government defines sexual harassment as any unwanted sexual interaction between students, peers, teachers, or administration. Title IX obligates the schools to engage in prevention and appropriately and effectively handling the harassment (“10”). The regulations of what constitutes sexual harassment, as dictated in Title IX, are what all cases of said topic are supposed to refer to. The cases that actually reach the level of an official court hearing make the decision based on Title IX. Many schools rule guilty or innocent of rape on the grounds that “drunk sex” is entirely unacceptable; it is rape regardless of what happened in a particular situation. Kaiser, a defense attorney in cases such as these, finds that penance in the form of suspension or expulsion from the institution where the defendant is being…

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