Essay on College : Burden Or Blessing?

2007 Words Mar 18th, 2016 9 Pages
College: Burden or Blessing? Sidney Howard once said, “One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it”. I already have my goals in order and know where I am heading for the next five years of my life. Although some people see the disadvantages of attending college and decide against a higher education, I should attend college because of the advantages to having a college degree. To many people nowadays see college as a debt or a burden and they are not totally wrong about the debt side of it; however, to call college a waste of time or a burden is very far from the truth. Anyone who attends college should feel privileged that they get to go further their education. But, college is a choice and not a requirement and people do make good livings without a degree and hold strong on their beliefs towards college even though they can be rather negative. Many people have various views on attending college and unfortunately some of them tend to be rather negative. One of the bigger topics that gets brought to the surface time and time again is the cost to attend a college or university. For example, From 1982-2012, tuition in both private and public colleges has gone up a staggering 131% (“College”). Along with this astronomical rise in college tuition, student loan debt has also crept up along the way crippling thousands of grads with years and years of payments to try and be loan free. College can leave a big area for debt once students are…

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