Essay about College Athletes Should Not Pay

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College Athletes Should Not Get Paid Outline

Specific Purpose Statement: At the end of my speech the audience will agree that college athletes should not get paid.

Thesis: College athletes should not receive any payment or compensation in college.

I. I would like everyone to raise their hand if they play a sport for Southeastern Community College.
Now how many of you who raised your hand think it’s fair for all the athletes in this room to be paid a salary on top of receiving an athletic scholarship and academic scholarship?
The topic of student athlete’s being paid has been debated about for many years.
II. While I personally respect the time and effort each and every athlete puts into his or her sport and have experienced this myself, I do not believe that student athlete’s should be paid
III. Over the past few weeks I have done extensive research on this topic.
IV. So today by the end of my speech you will all agree that college athletes should not get paid.

I. Scholarships given to many athletes are already paying them technically A. According to the NCAA, 53% of all Division 1 athletes receive some sort of athletic scholarship. 1. Students are receiving money based on their talent, not their academics. 2. In some cases, athletes are receiving money on top of what they receive academically. 3. In a majority of cases involving the premier sports, athletes are receiving a full athletic scholarship which covers, room and board,…

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