College Athletes Should Not Be Paid Essay examples

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Professional athletes have always been labeled as inspirational heroes, role models and compensated well for their talents. But now, collegiate athletes feel warranted in requesting compensation; however, this level of play is far from a “professional.” Student athletes must never receive compensation during college play.
Universities cannot afford to pay a salary to an athlete. Athletic programs receive donations from past alumni and / or corporations, part of these donations help with the astronomically high costs of buying or maintenance of all athletic equipment, new renovations of existing buildings, or improving their stadium, such as what Auburn University did in 2015. They installed close to an 11,000-square foot, high definition screen for their football stadium, with a cost of $13.9 million dollars (Rocker, John. “Why college athletes should not be paid”, 2013). Or similar to, Notre Dame investing tens of millions of dollars into new student-athlete centers and facilities to pamper 18 to 22-year-old athletes with a lifestyle once reserved only for royalty. Granted, some people might say; there isn’t a need for such eloborate expenses. On the contrary, just as these same people like to arrange their own homes with new cabinets, construct a swimming pool or buy a 70” LED TV in their living room. The Universities feel the same way, except they are maintaining their dwelling to facilitate thousands of athletes that pass-through year after year. There will…

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