Essay on College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

1397 Words Dec 10th, 2015 null Page
College athletes should not be paid. The only type of method a college athlete should be paid in is through their education. As a result, these athletes have a choice of a good education. College athletics subsidies are covered through the athletic program of their school, which leaves these athletes free to attend school while making unfair amounts of money. Inclusively, these college athletes should not be paid because their cost of living is significantly cheaper. These students are strengthening their non-professional athletic ability, and should be focusing on their education instead.
College athletes should not be paid because of their cost of living is cheaper. The school pays for living quarters on basic campus traveling gas, money, and no expense on basic campus. These athletes have prepared meals for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, so there is no extra expense on nutrients. There are amenities, training, facilities, gym, and football to practice on. The college athletes and the school benefit from the perks and the college athletes receive free books; tuition is covered by scholarships, grants, and student’s loans. Athletes do not have to pay to see other sporting events; however, students have to pay several hundred dollars a semester to see the games. For example, "The athletes have March madness and their games are extremely expensive reason they should not be paid universities and colleges have enough finances to make and give coaches grants student loans…

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