College Athletes Should Get Paid? Essay

1336 Words May 5th, 2016 null Page
The NCAA rakes in on average $12 billion in revenues annually that flow in through college athletics programs(Finley, 2015). The latest and biggest debate is "Whether or not college athletes should get paid?". When college athletes go to college they are not allowed to earn any money while they are participating in athletics, but is that fair? Generally they are putting in full time work hours(40/week) or sometimes even more. As more and more college athletes are struggling to get by through and in some cases after college, it 's time for them to start earning some form of compensation in return for the hard work they put in for their schools. The NCAA all began on March 31, 1906. There are 1,281 colleges that make up this organization, each participating in a variety of sports such as football, basketball and hockey to name a few(“About the NCAA, 2016”). All of these sporting events and tournaments are broadcasted live on television and the bigger events even get reruns sometimes. These events annually rake in on average $12 billion(Finley, 2015). The money does go to the colleges but not in the correct way, the money is used for the coaches salaries which are usually in the millions and also back into the college 's athletic departments. However, the people actually playing, the athletes, do not receive any compensation. Schools profit much more from a athletes than athletes received from his scholarship( He 2015). In the NCAA there are three divisions D1, D2,and D3…

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