College Athletes Should Be Paid Essays

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National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCCA), which is a non-profit organization that provides college athletes and the coaches for the resources. This association is similar to the professional association such as: NBA, NFL, and NHL. Over the years, college sports have become very popular in the United States; more people are inclined to watch college sports than the Professional sports. Since gaining a lot of popularity amongst the people, it has resulted them into gaining revenues for the NCAA and the colleges that are participating in this program. Recently, there has been a debate whether the college athletes should be paid beyond besides just getting athletic scholarship. The NCCA and colleges makes so much profit from the tournaments, but they do not consider paying college athletes, and if athletes were to get caught they would be suspended. College athletes should be paid for their hard work and their efforts for balancing school, athletics and for financial stability. It is simply unfair for them not to get paid, because the colleges are making abundance of money, while the athletes don’t get anything. There are several issues regarding why college athletes should be paid. One example is when Athletes in college football to give up their bodies to do their best out in the field. Many College Athletes are willing to do anything that requires getting their team on the winning side. In order to get on the team, these athletes have to go through many intense…

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