College Athletes Should Be Paid Essay

1826 Words Nov 30th, 2015 null Page
College players receive an athletic scholarship which pays for the education, but nothing else. The majority of football and basketball players can not afford food, and some can’t even afford college. Getting a full scholarship is undoubtedly a very valuable opportunity for the players to have a fantastic education, but many division one student athletes go for sports rather than education. Once the athlete is on campus, the students receive one meal a day that is included from the NCAA but that is it. Division One basketball, and football athletes, should be paid. The National Collegiate Athletic Association can afford to give all Division One athletes money. The NCAA agreed with CBS to televise March Madness for a price of 10.8 billion dollar deal over 14 years ( The NCAA receives $700,000 every 30 seconds in advertising during March Madness. The NCAA made 1.15 billion dollars just off of March Madness. They made all of this because of the players. Without the basketball players, none of this would be happening. The player make the money, so they should be the ones that get paid. College football has generated the NCAA and the schools a substantial amount of money. Not only does the NCAA and Universities make this money, but also gambling websites such as ESPN. ESPN generated 7.3 billion dollars from people gambling on there website. Last season, Ohio State University made 40 million dollars because they won the BCS championship ( While the…

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