College Athletes Should Be Paid Essay

1339 Words Nov 30th, 2015 6 Pages
Student athletes bring in billions of dollars for their universities, but what do they get in return? The money brought in by these athletes never goes to their pockets, but instead to their universities and the NCAA. While these athletes on scholarship, the talent possessed by them brings in a wealth that outdoes the amount of their scholarship. Being a college football or basketball player can be a full-time job. These players invest their lives in the sport they play; some athletes can spend insane amounts of hours on one sport. Athletes spend time in their sport and also have classes to tend to every day. Because college athletes have been bringing in billions of dollars annually for their universities; it is time they should be rewarded. The NCAA is a nonprofit organization that organizes and regulates athletes throughout universities. According to The Blue Line’s “College Athletes Should be Paid”, “The NCAA currently resides in a state of pure hypocrisy. It preaches that its main goal is to educate student-athletes, yet it continues to generate record-breaking revenues from players that must miss their classes in order to play basketball on national television.” (Gill). While the NCAA says its first priority is to allow students to further their education, it lets students participate in things that generate extraordinary amounts of revenue for the NCAA. Doing so, these student-athletes miss classes and fall behind in their education. Another thing The Blue Line’s…

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