Essay on College Athletes Should Be Paid For Their Talents

1792 Words Nov 29th, 2016 8 Pages
One of the trending topics in business ethics is the idea that college athletes should be paid for their talents. I find this topic very interesting because sports is always going to be around, from pop warner levels to the professionals. I’ve recently been grateful enough to be a collegiate athlete. It is a hard task to balance being a student and an athlete because you are constantly working on your craft and studying. I would have certainly loved the idea of being paid to do what I loved while studying in the field of my interest. As I become more aware of both sides of the argument I tend to disagree with compensating these athletes. I disagree with it mainly because this draws the student’s attention away from academics and their focus totally shifts. The ethical or moral problem that the other side disagrees with is how the NCAA makes money off of these athletes and they feel the athletes are entitled to some of that profit. In the paragraphs proceeding this, I will go on to thoroughly explain why I’m opposed to this very idea. Since this is becoming a growing disputation, this subject matter will only began to catch the attention of more individuals to the point where an ultimate decision will have to be made to justify both sides.
I’ve been thinking about this topic over and over since I have to write a paper on it. I’ve even found myself arguing for the athletes and not only against. As I stated before, I was once a college athlete for two years and I could…

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