College Athletes Should Be Paid For Playing Time And Autographed Memorabilia

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College Athletes Should Be Paid For Playing Time and Autographed Memorabilia In American colleges and universities, student athletes spend many hours in strengthening and conditioning, practicing, and competing in their sports of choice. In return, some of them have the benefit of attending college by way of athletic scholarships. However, some do not have scholarship opportunities and have to meet college expenses in other ways. In my opinion, college athletes should definitely be paid for playing time and autographed sports memorabilia as a way to help finance their college experience.
College athletes should be paid a stipend for their playing time. The amount of time spent by student athletes per week often adds up to that of a part-time job. These athletes must put in practice time to compete successfully. However, they must also complete their daily academic assignments and study for tests as part of the college experience. These students have to achieve a balance between time on the field and time off the field to stay at the top of their game and earn a college degree at the same time. A stipend for playing could help pay for college, particularly if students come from a poor family and sufficient scholarships and financial aid are not available to them.
Paying athletes a set amount per game would provide them with financial assistance for living expenses and reduce their college debt. The money from playing would help them become independent from their…

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