Essay College Athletes Are More Hard Working People

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College athletes are very hard working people. The students that actually become athletes in college are among the 0.05% of high school athletes that make it to the college level for sports. That is only 460,000 out of 8,000,000 high school athletes in the USA. Since such a small amount of athletes succeed in their sports, the ones that do prosper have worked very hard at their sports all their lives. Since they put in so much time for their sport and their school, it is unfair for them not to get paid ("Probability of Competing beyond High School"). So many youth athletes aspire to one day play their favorite sport for their favorite colleges. Although many minors want to play college sports,many of them will not be able to keep up with all the work they will need to do to play their sport in college. The players are the reason their schools make money from sports, so they should be receiving something for playing their sports. Although athletic boosters could give their favorite teams millions of dollars to buy the best players, College athletes should receive compensation for playing their sports. College athletes have never been paid. Now, college sports have gained popularity and the issue is now being brought up by players and coaches and is very seriously being considered. College athletes have never been paid before because their scholarships have always “covered the full cost of attendance” (Koch). Since athletes always have went to college free on…

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