Essay about College Athletes And High School Athletes

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Before participating in high school sports, about 53% of high school athletes have already had a concussion, and about 36% college athletes have had multiple concussions in their medical history. High school athletes can receive the most severe and dangerous effects from concussions because their frontal lobes are not fully developed until they are 25 years of age (“Resources”). Parents and teenagers need to know that a concussion is a serious injury and requires one to be checked by the doctor. Many sports today are rushing these athletes back to school and to the sport; however, this leads to more severe injuries and can have dangerous effects on the athlete. Due to the lack of education on concussions, many do not know the symptoms, treatment options, or lasting effects on repetitive blows to the head. Concussions are a common type of injury that are easily caused and can have lasting effects on the brain. A concussion is a direct or indirect injury to the brain that makes it function differently. A hard hit to the head can cause the brain to shake and knock against the skull. It can also be caused by a collision in which a person is moving quickly and runs into another object. Frequently, this impact causes the person to slow down or rotates his or her head. During a concussion, the brain rotates inside the skull and can cut or damage the brain’s nerve fibers. As a result, the brain’s cells perform abnormally and become weak which can increase the chance…

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