Essay about College Athletes And College Students

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If you follow college basketball closely you will know of the one and done rule that plagues players and college universities. If you have never heard of this rule it basically states that any player wanting to go into the NBA must first complete one year of college. According to Alex Berg of USA Today, the NCAA has drifted away further than ever from the literal meaning of student-athletes. Now, high-profile basketball players are being treated as guests(Berg). This can cause the university 's graduation rate to lower. Players cannot handle the maturation level nor the physical abilities to be considered the best players. Is that one extra season really worth all it is cracked up to be? I think that is worth it making the students attend class and keep them there when they get injured. This rule can be detrimental with growing the career of a professional basketball player. They simply cannot handle the stress or maturity level that it takes to be considered pro. Several prospects that have decided to enter the NBA draft without going to college have realized the financial struggles that they have encountered. One of them was Korleone Young. According to his coach Ron Allen, “Young was a top prospect who 'd drawn interest from multiple collegiate programs”(Medcalf). After being drafted Young only played in three games. He wanted to skip going to school just so he could be making money, and it’s not always a guaranteed contract. In the NBA if you are not drafted in the…

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