College Application And Scholarship Opportunity Essay

1223 Words Apr 4th, 2016 null Page
I have never particularly enjoyed bragging about myself. This is a fact that has been a reoccurring problem since entering my senior year, as every college application and scholarship opportunity is nothing but bragging, and honestly it makes me uncomfortable. In addition, my fellow classmates who are also applying for this scholarship are quite profound and they know exactly what to write in a personal statement and they have a litany of impressive accomplishments from top to bottom. That 's not me. At least, that 's not me yet. My peers have already tasted far-reaching success as well-formed people. They have eyebrow raising test scores, a never ending list of extracurricular activities, most of them probably play a sport, and I would even bet that they are exceptionally talented musicians. So as I sit and fill out applications and stare at my obviously lacking high school transcript I have come to the conclusion that I am horribly average. I can only play the kazoo, and I am much too clumsy for any form of organized physical activity. I am a regular suburban teenager from the United States. What I have to offer is not as obvious as the other applicants. I am ranked 79th in my class of 317, I have a earned a few c 's in my high school career, and my standardized test scores are just a hair above the national average. So, like I said I am really not all that special. But, I will aspire to be an exceptionally successful adult in the future. Even though the other applicants…

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