College And University Athletes Should Be Paid Essay

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For many years, playing sports in college was merely part of the curriculum, done for the love of the game. But things have changed dramatically and this paper argues that today, college and university athletes should be paid.
There was a time when playing college football or other sports was something young people did because it was fun and because it took some skill to make the teams. A person on the football team was important, a sort of hero to his classmates. Over time, of course, professional sports became a huge industry, and college sports started to become big business as well. Bets were placed and large amounts of money changed hands at college bowl games; universities and colleges were known for their teams rather than their academics, and endowments sometimes came the way of those institutions whose teams won regularly. Colleges made a lot of money from sports, but the athletes themselves saw little or none of it. The situation is infuriating to athletes and one is doing something about it. Ramogi Huma is a former linebacker for UCLA who has organized a group called Collegiate Athletes Coalition (Davis 46). It is the aim of the CAC to get the NCAA to “treat them like the highly skilled workers they say they are” (Davis 46). Davis notes that this is going to be an uphill battle, since the NCAA controls every aspect of college sports, and his group is a relatively small one. But he points out that college athletics today are brutally…

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