Essay on College And High School Students

1093 Words Apr 21st, 2016 null Page
“Go to College” Pressure in China In China, there were 25.477 million university students in 2015. Although it is such a large number of students, it does not mean that going to a college is an easy thing in China. China has the second largest population in the whole world. Similarly, there are many students in China. For example, there are 943 million students who signed up for the college entrance examination. However, China does not have enough university to accept all the high school students. On the contrary, some people claim that the Chinese university education system has already entered a benign development stage. There is no need of changing the ways of going to college. Based on my research and my own personal experience, there is certainly too much pressure on Chinese teenagers to go to college because technical school’s quality is not the same as university’s, Chinese parents have unrealistically high expectations of their children and the disadvantages of the Chinese education system. One of my opponent’s strongest supporting claims is that there are many technical schools in China. High school or middle school students can choose a technical school instead of university. In addition, they also believe that people can have a good job after they graduate from technical school. Actually, probably the student who graduates from technical school will be limited by their degree forever. In China, most people think a higher education degree is necessary.…

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