College and Dear Esteemed Members Essay

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Dear Esteemed Members of the Admissions Committee:I am submitting a letter of petition for readmission for the Fall 2011 term. I was dismissed from the university in 2005 for poor academic performance. Upon my entrance into the university I have always been very studious which has led me to excel academically throughout the years. When I began my studies at --- I was ignorant of so many things. I didnt really pick up on college regulations and penalties comfortably until my sophomore year. It was then when I learned that I unfortunately didnt drop a class I thought I had dropped. I learned my lesson and became very familiar with the college catalog at that point. During my enrollment at ----, I truly tried my best but it was not good …show more content…
Ill never forget one instance where I wanted to stay awake so desperately to study for finals I took 2 NoDoz pills (400mg of caffeine) and fell asleep almost instantly. Despite all my attempts to persevere, I still didnt want to accept that my diabetes was hindering my studies. Since dismissal I realized that I needed to make a drastic change not just for scholastic purposes but for my overall wellbeing. I teamed up with a dietitian, joined a workout program, and started on an insulin pump. Ive seen and felt a dramatic improvement in my health condition. I no longer encounter any of the issues I did while in college. I have also taken a couple of courses at a community college. For the most part Ive been working to gain experience in my field of study. I would like to be given another chance to prove the magnitude of my academics. My diabetes has maintained great control for a long time now. I am confident that it will remain that way. Im not far from graduation and my hunger for it couldnt be any stronger than it is now. I will send weekly progress reports if I must just to show how sincere I am. I have formulated a personal DARS report as a guidance tool to graduation. I have 45 hours left to complete. My plan is to take 2-3 courses each semester up until graduation. Following that plan will allow me to graduate in the spring of 2013.Included in this letter you will

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