College Advisors And Mentors With Success Coaches Essay

733 Words Dec 23rd, 2015 3 Pages
Many colleges and universities have begun to replace college advisors and mentors with success coaches. Success coaches have become available to students to guide and help students throughout their college life. Success coaches are involved in a student’s college life from the time they enroll to their graduation day. Success coaches help students set up a college plan as well as assist in registering for classes from the beginning of a student’s college career to their last semester. Success coaches also help students look in to the future with their life after college. By helping grow a student’s network and provide them with information and connections within the students’ desired profession, a success coach relationship can be a strong advantage to a student’s life after college. Success coaches form a more personal bond with students rather than advisors. Within the last three years, LIU Post has introduced new Success coaches to help advise students. Success coaches at LIU Post form a close and personal relationship with students as well as assist them in anyway possible. Success coaches met with students regularly throughout the semester. They assist students in creating and registering for upcoming classes as well as check up on students throughout the semester. LIU Post Success coaches also host many different events on campus that become extremely beneficial to students. Not only do these events, for example, workshops about building the perfect resume, provide…

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