College Academics And The Student Athlete Essay

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Brent Perry
Mr. Hale
Engl. 1301
24 October 2014 College Academics and the Student Athlete Historically, sporting events have played a huge role in the American culture. Most kids grow up aspiring to be just like their heroes on the field; however, the harsh reality is that roughly only 6.5% of high school athletes will go on to play their sport at the collegiate level and even fewer will play at the professional level. Over the past few years, the qualities that collegiate coaches look for has transitioned to seeking academically sound recruits, who also have strong athletic skills (O 'Shaughnessy). The term student-athlete is defined as “an enrolled student who participates in an organized competitive sport sponsored by the college/university in which he or she is enrolled. Student-athletes must balance the roles of being both a student and an athlete at their school.” (Athlete Connections) Many colleges have already begun to rethink the way they manage their athletic programs, putting the emphasis on developing implacable work ethics, leadership and time management skills that will allow the student to find success both on and off the field. College athletic programs should create higher standards of academic performance for maintaining eligibility, encourage participants to complete their degrees, and place greater emphasis on education over athletics. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) regulates the academic standards that athletes must follow…

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